About the Program

The Women’s Wellness Program is a 12 week lifestyle program designed especially for women at midlife and beyond.  The Program also offers women the latest evidence on health issues, one on one mentoring, consultation and coaching by health professionals and social networking with other women. The Women’s Wellness Program focuses on improving health and wellbeing by targeting positive lifestyle behaviours including exercise, healthy eating, stress management and sleep. The program incorporates the latest health information and research into a step by step program aimed at helping mature women be the best that they can be.

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Why Participate

There are many good reasons to participate in the Women’s Wellness Program. This is an opportunity to focus on your well-being and take active steps towards improving your health, confidence and vitality. 

Program Overview

The Program will:

  • Provide information and practical resources to promote a healthier lifestyle.
  • Improve your fitness and strength.
  • Promote healthier eating and weight management.
  • Promote strong bones, a healthy heart and reduce your risk of illness.
  • Provide valuable information about health and menopause.
  • Assist you to understand and manage menopausal symptoms.
  • Promote improved sleep and stress management.
  • Encourage you to focus on your health and set realistic and achievable goals for the future.
  • Provide flexible online professional health consultations to:
    1. help you set and work on your own individual goals;
    2. provide you with health coaching and
    3. tailor your health plan to suit your individual situation and needs.
  • Give you the opportunity to network with other women from around your own local area or the country.
  • Provide updates on the latest evidence on health issues for women in their midlife or older.
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